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Essential Yoga is known to have a packed schedule with lots of interesting workshops and guests being offered.  Feel free to peruse this area to see what's happening next


Reiki and Yoga Infusion

Draw upon the natural Energy Channels and Connect the holistic healing practice of Reiki to teaching yoga to your students.

Teach students how to harness more pranic energy into the body with each posture by having reached a higher expansive awareness. Discover new ways to add depth and purpose into each movement allowing yoga to be Medicine for the mind and body.

Taught by Tricia Clarke

April 24th 1:30-3:30pm

Investment $25

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Core Challenge 2019

Get ready for summer, get ready to feel AMAZING! This Challenge will make you feel strong and empowered in your body. This time, we give you 30 days to do 21 classes of yoga. If you complete the Challenge, your name gets dropped in a draw to win 6 free classes and a sweet new BMat.

We'll have Core classes 7 days a week, in many different forms, from Core, Hips & Low Backs with Shona, Mellow Core with Kim,to Beginner Core to Aerial Core. So you have tons of options to fit core into your schedule.

Get real in May and you will be so stoked you did!

Starts May 1st.

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Core Challenge Online

Now you can take part in the fun of the core challenge even if you are out of town!

Join all the same class with access through our online yoga channel. You won’t miss a thing, we will send out all the extras you need for the challenge including our daily bingo cards. If you finish the challenge you will be entered to win an amazing BMat AND and an hour of yoga or coaching via skype!

Start date is May 1st. Get ready!

Investment 150$

Taught by Francesca

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20 Hour Advanced Training~How to prevent Yoga injuries in class.

This 20-hour Workshop provides a toolbox for your teaching and your own personal practice.
This weekend will cover common themes such as:
• Importance of Preparation. A lot of yoga injuries stem from our lives off our mat.
• Mobility vs. Stability. Understanding how each region of the body moves is essential for a yoga teacher. Once you know how it’s designed to move, you can implement that much more effectively!
• Active vs. Passive Range of Motion. Passive stretching can often put us in a realm past where our body can control. We will be focused on an active range of motion.
• All movement is good movement-there’s good movement & there’s better movement, both of which are much better than not moving.
• Most Common Yoga Injury (to any joint): Repetitive Stress. Doing the same thing all the time is ultimately how most people get injured with yoga.

We'll discuss that while learning about yoga injuries it’s easy to get lost in the negativity and fear but yoga is still a very safe practice.

These hours will count toward our Advanced Teacher Training as well as CE hours for The Yoga Alliance.

Investment $199. Save $25 by booking before April 15th.

Taught by Francesca

June 14-16 2019

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Clarity and Contentment: A Journaling and Yoga Weekend Retreat.

Welcome in the first few days of summer with this incredible workshop of deep self-reflection and community. A weekend of exploration and connection.

Allow yourself to slow down and reflect on where you are in your life and what's next. Yoga helps cleanse the mind and soul while tempering the fluctuations of our moods. In turn, the practice of yoga and meditation provide an excellent backdrop for journaling and discovering more about yourself. These practices help reveal the deep truths of our souls that lie just below the surface. We make our lives easier to navigate with every truth we reveal. Embrace the flow of yoga practice and the flow of your thoughts on paper to enrich your life, moving toward contentment.

No experience necessary, bring something to write in! Yoga, meditation and all of our discussions are all included as well as a healthy vegetarian dinner on Saturday night.

Investment 275$

Taught by Francesca

June 21-23 2019

There are many places to stay in Fernie around this time including Francesca's farm.

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Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Yoga Nidra is a systematic meditation technique. It provides a complete relaxation to the Body and Mind. Even more significant, Yoga Nidra is a deep place to take your students, by bringing them on this mind adventure, they delve deep into their subconscious and unconscious mind. It is here that the seeds of what we wish to have in our lives, take root. There is a self-hypnosis element to Yoga Nidra that matches no other in terms of planting an intention and then directing all of our mental energies toward it, in a really effortless way. Yoga Nidra ripens the mind to cultivate whatever it is we wish for.
Yoga Nidra can be a powerful session, where students gain deep insight into themselves. It is here that we experience dimensions of the mind perhaps never before visited.
You can become an expert in setting up the framework and guiding your students into this wonderland of the subconscious. During this weekend certification, we will practice Yoga Nidra twice daily, discuss theory, cover outlines of how to write original Yoga Nidra Scripts and then focus on the framework as you work with your peers to create your own inspired works. All the techniques that are included in Yoga Nidra, how to explain Yoga Nidra to students and what it takes to become a Yoga Nidra teacher. How Yoga Nidra can help with health issues and conducting individual Yoga Nidra sessions Discover how to get your students to their Theta State- the wave frequency that our brains go to when having a spiritual experience. Exploration of how to analyze Yoga Nidra experiences will also be covered.
Each day with start with a Yoga Practice followed by a Yoga Nidra & Journaling session. This session certifies you to give a unique offering to your students that will allow them to widen their awareness and cultivate greater insight. Throughout the weekend, you will experience these awakenings first hand.
This program is available to all, but will qualify toward your 500-hour Advanced Teacher Training if you have graduated from a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Program. If you feel drawn to learn more about this topic, please join us, no matter what your qualifications. The cost is $275. Book before May 15th and save $25. Graduates of EYS 200-Hour program get a 20% discount on all programs leading to certification.

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Yoga for Mountain Bikers & Trail Runners

Share the Trails and Share these classes

Weds 6:30am

Fridays 10:15am

Sunday nights 6pm

all FMBC and Members of Stag Leap Running Club get 20% off passes this summer.

Yoga and Mountain Biking and Yoga and Running...the absolute best way to bring your body back into balance. If we keep biking and keep running and don't stretch the right muscle groups, there is a definite possibility of injury.

As well, yoga increases your range of motion making tight turns on the bike and tripping over a root on a run a little bit easier to recover from.

Using yoga poses, straps, therapy balls and whatever else you need to release muscle tension and let your body recover more effectively.

The team teaching this class is not just a couple of yoga teachers, we are runners and bikers, we know where to go in the body to release and how to help you stay strong and injury free.

Taught by Francesca and Kevin

Contact us for your passcode to buy discounted punch cards at info@essentialyogastudio.com

Aerial yoga TT.jpg

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training-Level I

Taught by Francesca ter Poorten Unnata-trained Aerial Yogi, Level Two Advanced Aerial Teacher and Yoga Teacher EYRT 500.

This 30-hour intensive will teach you how to guide an aerial class safely while imparting a sense of play in your classes.

You will participate in over 20 hours of hands-on instruction, plus a teaching practicum.

You will learn the physical and energetic benefits, contraindications, and cautions of each asana, and understand how to sequence them into a powerful Aerial Yoga class. Developing the necessary skills to lead your own Aerial Yoga class.

We will break down the core foundations and principles of Aerial Yoga.

How to structure a class, transitioning into and out of postures.

How to offer modifications, spotting and adjustments for your students.

How to safely setup Aerial Equipment.

Investment $425 - EYS Grads always save 20%

Book before July 15th and save $50

Taught by Francesca

Aug 9-11th 2019

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