Claire began practicing yoga eight years ago to ground herself into her body.  What began as a simple attempt to 'relax' unfolded into a path of challenge, wonder, education, and inspiration that has taught her humility, and that we are all students - always. Teaching yoga is where she feels she is the ultimate student.

Claire has always sought further information on the profound physiologic science of this practice.  Knowing that proper alignment of the physical body is the key to accessing deeper areas of the energetic body, she strives to maintain an emphasis on positioning and avoidance of injury in all her classes.  As a naturopathic doctor, she sees a wide range of injuries and health conditions every day.  This has lead her to understand that yoga can truly meet every body and every mind - wherever that may be - as long as it comes with a bit of patience, curiosity, and awareness.

Now, after months of study and experience in India, and completion of her RYT-500, and countless hours on the mat, she looks forward to contributing to the yoga community in Fernie.