Class Pricing

Register now for a class and you will step into a unique world that is waiting to help you learn how to live an empowered and positive life.  This is not just about what you experience today; this is also about how you're going to live tomorrow. 

There is a wide variety of classes ranging from beginner and mellow to advanced and challenging, giving you exactly what you need for an optimum experience - whether you're just starting out in yoga or you're a well traveled and experienced yogi!  And as always, please contact us if there are any further questions regarding our offerings.   

  • All passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Drop-in fees are $17 (tax included)
  • Passes (GST not included)
    • 3 Classes $49
    • 6 Classes $90
    • 12 Classes $165
    • 24 Classes $310
    • 48 Classes $510
  • Get monthly unlimited yoga for: