3 More Sleeps Until Costa Rica

It may look like a great excuse for all of us to escape the bad weather, and believe me, it is!  But I think people are amazed at how their practice changes when they devote themselves to consistant daily practice on any of our Yoga Holidays.  As well, travelling to a foreign country or travelling alone gives us the opportunity to reveal to ourselves who we are beneath the roles we play in day-to-day life.  We are no longer spouse, care taker, parent, worker.  Travelling gives us the chance to reconnect with who we are beneath these identities we cling to and then, with some self-reflection added into the mix, we can develop or reconnect into any parts of ourselves that were diminishing under the weight of those roles.  Retreat or time away allows us to find ourselves again and release some of the Ego that plays out on the surface.  This, along with the healing properties of some sun, some culture and some time with like-minded people who become fast friends, creates a magical week that no one forgets!

Francesca Ter Poorten