Meditation Is Your Truth

I've always been leery of things Yoga Teachers say in class.  "Your Truth" is one of those phrases that is tossed around in classes and it never sat well with me.  Maybe because I didn't understand it or because I couldn't connect the physical practice of yoga with "My Truth".  How was I going to Sun Salutation my way to Self-Realization?  What was I going to learn from a 90-minute class that I didn't already know about myself.  Why was it then when I looked inside to discover My Truth it was related to a vague sense of outrage, a sense of needing to pump myself up. 

It wasn't until I started meditating that I realized that "My Truth" had less to do with finding out something new or taking on some new identity.  Rather, my truth has more to do with the deconstruction of Self, that same self that felt ready to be pep-talked by the next self-esteem talk, or take on some new identity that would perhaps allow me to make some sense of the discontent I was feeling in life.  Something like: beleaguered mother or anxious small business owner, or self-satisfied vegan or serious skier or nature lover, artist, daughter, sister, lover of and on and on and on...

My inner peace was going to come, not by identifying with one of these roles.  Peace was going to come from moving past all of these ways I was defining myself. 

We all want to be free. We all want peace of mind and freedom and a release from fear, anxiety and stress.  We want all the rewards of what meditation brings without having to meditate.  In fact, we will do anything to try to relieve the itch of being alive, the stress, the constant need to find peace by having our problems solved except do the one thing that creates peace that is available anytime we access it.

To commit to meditation is to commit to something that will change you forever.  Its like the moment we fall in love and realize we have to give up all other potential lovers, we know its the right choice but may not seem as fun.  Truth is a total commitment that happens in real time.  Once we realize that being free of all of our worries is not going to involve joining a cult or leaving life as we know it, we realize that peace was there the whole time, we are just waking up to it. Its like the one thing that you've been searching for in the house that has been right on the table in front of you the whole time.  

Truth has been here and it will be here every single moment, past, present and future.   The good news (or maybe the bad news) is you don't have to leave your life to find peace.  You don't have to change your job or leave your marriage to find it.  You don't get to run away from your life to find truth. Your truth is not beyond this everyday life, its not beyond the mundaneness of taking care of kids, going on bike rides, taking out the garbage.  The moment we realize where happiness is, our eyes open to the fact that we were privy to it from the very beginning.

Its not that something new has been learned, its that all of the stuff we've learned has been stripped away.  Also, there's the realization that "my truth" its not a separate experience. My truth awakens me to something universal, something beyond the scope of Self.    In this one moment of freeing our Self from the Self, we connect with the universal experience of being alive.   And its all there, right before our eyes...we just have to trust that Truth. 

Francesca Ter Poorten