Skiing, Yoga, and Brushing Your Teeth

December 2nd and we have 50+ fresh pow on the hill!  Its easy to get snow fever and let everything go by the wayside, I know my sink is filling up with dishes as I run out the door to make a few turns!  Try not to forget your yoga time!  So important to keep joints healthy, strong and the body in alignment.  Also, we are offering tons of Apres-ski stuff to partake in- Stretch classes, Restorative, Vinyasa-all great ways to relieve tension that may build up in the hips and low back after a day on the slopes.  That way, you stay healthy for the whole season.  I often think of my yoga practice similarly to brushing my teeth, its gotta be done to keep me healthy, no exceptions, no excuses.  Set an intention to commit to a few classes a week and you'll be stoked all season long

Francesca Ter Poorten