Winter Solstice 2019

Solstice celebration is about everything good in yoga:  transformation, letting go and setting intention.  Additionally, on that night the universe aligns under all of the hopes and dreams put out there to the world and turbo fast-forwards how the action plays out.  

This special moment in time is not a hallmark holiday, its not a cartoon or a material experience.  Winter Solstice is the real meal deal-where an actual organic event is occuring-it is a moment where the earth tips away from the sun on a deep level.  Its the longest night of the year, a perfect opportunity to step into the light;  the light of your practice, the light of your spirit, the lightness of freedom from all the crap you’ve been piling onto your Truth.  This is a magical time to align energetically.  The universe works in sync to align with true transformation.  The energy you put out becomes a cauldron for you to celebrate the past seasons and honour  decisions but then let go of what didn’t serve or what no longer serves.

This night speaks to the rising light, but also of turnaround, of making way for new energy to come in. It’s a time of stillness, when we need to rest in preparation for the rising energy to come. We step into the eternal cycles of nature as darkness begins its return to light.

The solstice invites us to turn within our inner landscape, to the depths of our own being where we see our connection to All. It is the point of light in darkness, the seed of our relationship to the cosmic forces of life itself.

As we enter the solstice days, and the darkness reaches its deepest point, remember the light always returns.

This night where we align our intention with the energy of Nature, truly synergetic. And what’s left is a place where dreams and intention meet and create true synergy.  

Francesca Ter Poorten