Hot Yoga

I taught hot hatha the other day for the first time in awhile and it reminded me of the last time that I was in Montreal and did a 7-day Challenge with my family at the local Bikram Studio. Teaching the class and watching, and FEELING the resistance coming off the students in the room to these poses reminded me that they never get easier. I mean, they do in the sense that we get stronger and more flexible, but the heat and the intensity of the poses never ends. Asking yourself to meet at the point of resistance and to overcome, is one of the biggest parts of a Hot Hatha class. Going to any Hot Yoga class and getting through it feels like an accomplishment every time, and it is!

Don’t be afraid to challenge your limits. Sometimes we think of difficult workouts with the same resistance that we think of difficult conversations- we simply don’t want to do them. The resistance we build up is greater than the actual act of doing something difficult. Hot Yoga reminds us who’s in charge of this mind, of this life. It reminds us that perservering brings results and rewards, that we can see in our bodies but that we can feel in our minds. The more we build discipline on the mat, the more we lead a life that is in our control. The more we increase our ability to focus, whether its in a difficult balance pose or just coming back to the breath over and over, the more focused we are when we listen to our loved ones, when we accomplish a project at work or at home.

The lessons from hot yoga are the same that we get from every class but they’re felt so much more dramatically after 60 minutes. You leave the studio feeling like you’ve got “the win”, and you do. You’ve persevered through some major mind games and you’ve overcome…yourself! To take that lesson into our lives to live the best version of ourselves- this is what yoga does for us. And what is that best version of you? Its not that you don’t have struggles or self-doubt or negativity. Its that you’ve parsed through all of that and emerged on the other side-you are victorious, you are a Warrior. For you. And that is a beautiful moment in yoga practice. And I bow to that. Namaste’

Francesca Ter Poorten