8 Days of Bliss in Mexico
to Mar 14

8 Days of Bliss in Mexico

Where "all-inclusive" includes wellness and good health.  8 days of Bliss means you get to take some time away from daily life to gain perspective and get some fresh insight.  Healthy living, healthy eating, healthy BEING.  Spending a week oceanside is nurturing for the soul and we all know we need that Self-Care. 

Optional yoga practice and meditation are offered twice daily.  Classes are "multi-level" which means all poses are given with options for all bodies.  This retreat is an open invitation to take every moment, breath, and movement exactly how you need it - fine tuning your relationship to YOU.

Come with an open mind so you can experiment and meet yourself where you are, one breath at a time.  And come back refreshed, recharged and more grounded in who you truly are.

This retreat is happening at the Luxurious Oceanfront Yoga Retreat Centre, Prana Del Mar in Baja, Mexico. Spend the day walking barefoot on miles of stunning beaches, practicing yoga in the beautiful studios, catching waves at one of the nearby surf breaks, riding horseback along the coast, paddling and snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez, or lounging in the swimming pool. 

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Yoga and Meditation for up to 4 hours a day, depending on what you feel like doing

Amazing healthy foods served every day-incredibly fresh and nourishing

Yoga wisdom talks that inspire you and help you understand how to better move through this world

Powerful nature all around you-the wild Pacific Ocean, the starkness of the desert

Beautiful other people for you to connect with and learn from. Your community will grow and fill with like-minded people.


$2025 or $1910usd Double Occupancy (not including tax)

$2600 or $2400usd Single Occupancy (not including tax)

early-bird rates apply if you book before Dec 31st.

Deposit of $1000 to reserve your spot. (all rates are in usd)

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