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Francesca’s big smile

Francesca’s big smile


I am a Mom…a Type A Mom

This has its positive and negative sides, here is a story of when things didn’t work out so well! Thanks to Francesca’s guidance I was able to get back on a positive path.

I had amazing ideas for a successful life for my son after he graduated from High school! Though he wanted to take a gap year to live his passion of being a ski coach. I thought he could take a few courses to get himself set up for University or maybe a few prerequisite courses for higher learning? He said yes!( or did he say “ I have no idea but I will say yes because Mom wants me to”).He was successful at first then he started losing interest in my idea. He was so afraid to tell me he just lied and said he was attending things he wasn’t. He was freaked out. He asked if he could go on anti-anxiety pills, he wasn’t sleeping and felt overwhelmed with everything, maybe the pills could help?

When I found out that he wasn’t handing in his course work and probably going to fail I was devastated! How could you not follow through with the plan? I paid money for those courses? I can’t believe you lied to me! In fact, lying for him became a coping mechanism, instead of disappointing his parents.

Enter Francesca…

I put in an emergency phone call to my life coach, she listened to my dilemma and heard my tears. Then she gave me a prospective I wasn’t expecting…that this journey was not mine. And by making decisions about my son’s future on his behalf was probably not helpful.

I then knew I was creating a lot of this stress for my son and I didn’t realize it! I actually thought

my actions were being helpful.

Through much conversation with Francesca I learned:

My decision making was born out of fear and worry.

My son needs to take his own risks and his success and failures are not mine they are his. He will have earned them every step of the way.

Put a zipper on it and start listening instead of always being the problem solver.

There is huge power in listening and not feeling you have to add your ideas.

I was trying to own something that didn’t belong to me.

My son and I agreed that we both needed to change.

My son now lives in Sydney, Australia on a student/working visa. He is working and staying in a great hostel, meeting new people every day. He said education will come eventually but not right now he is busy learning about who he is as a person. He is so happy!

The anti-anxiety pills were thrown away.

Staying physically and mentally healthy are a big part of living life! Let Francesca help you achieve those goals with you!

Staying physically and mentally healthy are a big part of living life! Let Francesca help you achieve those goals with you!


I felt there was something special about Francesca in my first class with her over 5 years ago. To me Francesca is unique in many ways. Hippie, adventurer at heart, yet also a dedicated parent, business owner and kick ass yoga instructor. She has this effortless way of straddling both the modern world and all its demands, while seamlessly slipping into the presence of a profound yoga class. Or a caring/ compassionate mentoring session. To her there is no "otherness" or "either/or". Francesca lives the non-dual "both/and" life, and embodies the real life practice of yoga.

Francesca is a great yoga instructor, coach and friend. She has been there for me through many challenging times, and had this effortless ability to remain grounded and present, despite the demands on her.

Francesca helped me prepare for my own 300HR teacher training, and amazed me with the depth of her knowledge on all things yoga.

Unique. Genuinely compassionate. Caring. Authentic. Effortless ability to ... Straddle . Genuine. Gifted.

Not to mention crazy in shape. Dedicated friend. Endless energy to draw on. Embodies.

Super experienced. Deeply knowledgeable.

Adventure is all part of a full life! Francesca will show you how to get there.

Adventure is all part of a full life! Francesca will show you how to get there.


A ten-minute life coaching conversation with this amazing, wise woman can make a huge impact! I know from experience!


For me, I’ve been hanging on to the past and certain negative memories that have over time i’ve Felt have become a part of who I am. I haven’t wanted this struggle of course. Francesca’s life coaching provided a new perspective that’s been refreshing so for me. Her direction has helped me to assimilate a lot of what has gone on for me in a very positive way. I’m so grateful for her insight and support.