Deepening your experience...through a wellness coaching session and individual time with an advanced teacher

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Life Coach

Learn the proper tools and strategies needed to thrive in your relationships and create a life that inspires you. Francesca will work with you to dissolve obstacles that prevent you from living a life that is meaningful, free and with love.


Did someone say fun?!?

Private Group Aerial Sessions

Aerial Yoga is a SUPER fun way to spend some time as a group doing something different. Aerial Yoga is for anyone-all sizes and shapes!

Get ready to giggle, laugh and get over some crazy fears about being upside down. You and your group will have a ton of fun and make amazing memories! Great for ski groups, wedding parties and friends!

“Fill your life with experiences, not thing. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”

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Private Yoga Sessions

This is a great way for you to spend some time with an advanced teacher learning how to further your practice, addressing your health issues or simply booking time that fits your schedule.


Group Yoga Session

Families, wedding parties, business retreats- all great reasons to get a group together and share some quiet time. All levels and kids are welcome!