1 on 1 Yoga Session

Looking for an opportunity to get in-depth answers to questions that arise during class?  Looking to take your practice deeper and who want to focus on smaller compartments?

Private yoga classes are designed to suit limitations, injuries, and personal interests.  1 on 1 session to break down fundamentals of more challenging postures, allowing you to gain confidence to push any fears and limits, find the courage to fly, and unleash your energy for a more fulfilled life.  Sessions are offered in the comfort of your home or in the Fernie studio.  Working with a yoga Instructor on a smaller scale can benefit you in the following ways:

  • More personal attention that focuses on your practice
  • Work with your strengths and weaknesses physically and mentally
  • Focus specifically more on what you want such as strength building, flexibility, correct breathing or relief of tension
  • Set goals and achieve them when it comes to advancing your practice.

If there's a time that works for you outside the regular slotted hours, please contact us .