Simone teaches yoga to help people feel strong, to feel happy, and to share the numerous benefits that she has experienced.  She first began dabbling in yoga over ten years ago in her university days and this quickly became a regular routine.  The physical practice helped her stay strong in the other sports she played, while remaining balanced and focused mentally during two separate undergraduate degrees. 

Since then, she has attended regular yoga classes and included meditation and a home practice in her life.  Yoga has provided support both mentally and physically throughout her active and busy life, complimenting her passion for sports and activities including surfing, snowmobiling, ski touring, snowboarding, downhill and endure mountain biking.  Yoga has helped her minimize injury in other sports and recover quicker and stronger in times of injury.  She has found that the benefits of yoga and the mind body connection are monumental when moving through life, day to day events, injury, stress, work or personal experiences. 

She recently completed yoga teacher training at Essential Yoga Studio and is happy and excited to share a meaningful, strengthening, and fun practice with the community in Fernie - creating balance, growing, and grounding, in the life long journey to feeling positive both physically and mentally.