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When is the time to become a Yoga Teacher?  Its not when you have achieved a perfect split or you can stay in Tree Pose without falling.  Becoming a teacher is more about your own inner journey.  When you realize that yoga has moved you in some way, or it has healed you or it has transformed you, and you wish to share that experience-then, it is time.  This teacher training is the shift from student to teacher, all the while staying a student of yoga for life.  This training will offer you hands-on, focused practical application of how to address the aspects of body and mind in order to achieve total balance and harmony. If you are an aspiring teacher or students of yoga who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga, come.  Come and experience the depths of yourself and discover the potential that exists within you.   Learn the words and the mechanics of teaching a safe and unique class that reveals your voice, your offerings.  

We offer this program as a weekend program, or as a ten or twenty one-day intensive.  We combine personal transformation coursework with an innovative and progressive teacher training curriculum.  Our supportive, nurturing, and deeply experienced faculty will help you hone your skills, build your confidence, and find your own authentic style and voice.  But know that your training will also go far deeper-you will be embarking on a personal path that will continue beyond this course, unfolding during your life journey.  

During your training, you will be guided and supported by a team of teachers with decades of experience in teaching, leading, helping, and healing.  This team includes yoga teachers, body workers, healers, and personal transformation specialists - master teachers specializing in yoga, anatomy, physiology, healing, philosophy and personal transformation. 

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This program is facilitated by Francesca ter Poorten. Francesca's teaching philosophy is rooted in finding the teacher within and discovering your unique path as a student that is like no other.   She is dedicated to inspiring students of yoga to gain deep knowledge of yoga philosophy to find that transformation and the freedom that yoga offers.  Her teachings will enable you to tap into the origin of yoga, the teacher within, and the creative freedom to inspire others. 

"With the inspiration of Francesca, I decided to do my yoga certification, and my practice has been flourishing daily ever since.  The teacher training at Essential Yoga studio has been very thorough, spiritually enlightening, and has had a profound positive impact on my life.  I realize yoga is everyday moments, in addition to time at my mat.  Every motion in my day has become like an asana and a spiritual practice." -C. Bell Calgary, Alberta

"What makes a good teacher training program?  For me it started with the incredible thought and preparation Francesca and her team put into the course.  Day one we were all given a course outline, showing what topics would be reviewed on what dates, with corresponding material available for our review.  The days are full, but the course progression flowed physically and intellectually.  The importance of anatomy and safety were paramount.  My total Sanskrit vocabulary was one word…Namaste and I didn’t have a clue about philosophy of yoga and its place in our practice.  And even though I didn’t always “get it” at first, Francesca’s patient and creative teaching style never wavered.  There are so many things I could say about EYS and their teacher-training program but here are a couple things I know for sure.  Francesca opened my mind and my heart in ways I try to apply in all aspects of my life, giving me the tools and support I needed to be successful then and now." -K. Hamilton Vancouver, BC

"The Essential Yoga Teacher Training was immeasurable in its dedication to providing tools.  The dynamic variety of postures brought heightened awareness to the divine canvass of my own body.  Whether an unwinding of connective tissue in a yin class or a strong disciplined ashtanga class, we practiced the delicate art of quieting the mind.  It is here that I learned to root down and to rise up.  I grew in my knowledge of my anatomical body.  It is here that I realized yoga was not of my body but of my devotion.  Connecting to the deep rhythms of sacred chants created an avenue to escape into the bliss of yoga.  Breath was summoned with new technique, awareness and desire, invoking a new harmony within myself.  We spent time learning about the chakras lying on our backs under the shade of a beautiful willow tree.  The entire time spent in study was always met with patience, understanding and compassion.  Each teacher brought their unique gifts to class. Support was a lovely balance of giving and receiving with my new like-minded friends and classmates." -K. Sheets, Sparwood, BC

"My experience at Essential Yoga Studio was such a positive one.  EYS couldn't have been a more perfect fit for me. The small class size was perfect for me and I was very pleased with the wide range of subjects that we covered.  It was the perfect balance of yoga philosophy, anatomy, learning asanas and practicing them, learning how to teach, and so much more. We also had some very fun things planned for us like an Ayurvedic cooking class, and a special guest who led us in kirtan and spoke about chakras and Buddhist ceremonies. I feel like my teachers at EYS went above and beyond to prepare us to have a successful career and a more fulfilling yoga practice. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in either of those. I can honestly say that this experience has forever changed my life." -N. Randall, Montana

"Francesca has been tireless in her teaching of the 8 limbs of yoga with me – and has a certain grace on knowing when to push harder, and when to cultivate compassion.  This is a rare skill and she has been an exceptional teacher.   I also appreciate how holistic she is in her approach - we have covered anatomy, to the roots of yoga, to chakras, etc.  She is also a tremendous amount of fun!  What I also appreciate about Francesca is she walks the talk of yoga.  This is something I look for in a teacher, she doesn’t simple communicate the practices, she lives them,  and this is something I truly appreciate about her energy.  There is something deliciously contagious about Francesca." - Anonymous